Starting out… Why did I start running and who am I?

Hello and welcome to my running journey, thank you so much for your support and I hope I can offer you motivation and training tips. In this blog, I just want to introduce myself to you.

Who am I?
I am Matthew Pullan and I’m currently a student, studying English language, Business Studies and History. I am a runner for Radcliffe Athletic Club (RAC) and a budding writer. I am the co-founder of Hybrid Running and a hard worker.
What are my goals in life?
My goals, being ambitious, are very hard to achieve but I know I have the potential to achieve them. I want to publish a book, complete an Ultra-marathon and triathlon, while also becoming successful within a business environment. These goals are hard to achieve and that’s why they are life goals, however, I know if I put my mind to them I will achieve them like everyone else would if they did. The trick is to stay motivated, so I am going to find and test ways on the most effective ways of motivation, using theories and activities.
When did I start running?
I started running less than a year ago because my brother wanted some competition, yes- we are twins, and when I did a few Great Run Locals I really enjoyed it. Since then my 5k time has dropped from 35 minutes to 24 minutes, with much-needed help from RAC, who my brother was apart of.
My running aims and what I wish to achieve
As mentioned before, I wish to run an ultra marathon and complete a triathlon/ironman, but my main focus at the minute is injury prevention. At the moment I am struggling with pains and niggles so I would like to run strong with less pain. How will I do this? I am planning to introduce training plans to increase strength and endurance and I will show you them when I have made them.
Overall, I am Matthew Pullan, a student, who loves to run and wants to inspire you and others. My aims are tough but I know I can achieve them and I feel being part of a running community is important to success.
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One thought on “Starting out… Why did I start running and who am I?

  1. How have I only just found this?! Guess i’m not very tech savvy!! I look forward to reading all the posts!! Great blog Matthew 👍🏻


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