Being unable to run and my first interview

This weeks blog post may be quite short as I have been unable to run this week. I’ve had a pain in my right shin and it wraps around my calf, this is why you should never run on a niggle. However, I would love to tell you all what I have been doing this week.

The start of this week started off well, I had my first ever interview. It was fun just to chat with someone who shares my passion for running and is ambitious, like myself. Dan, the interviewer- DanRuns-, and I discussed my upcoming Instagram content, who I am and my aims and ambitions for the future. This was a great interview and recommend that you watch it. However, if you hate my voice, like I do, speed it up to 2x. You can see my interview here:

What else have I been up to?

I’ve started incorporating stretches into my routine, 3 times a day, to try and repair and prevent injury. These are basic body strength exercises that anyone can do. Leave a comment down below if you would like me to share them. I have, also, been on many walks to try and keep my aerobic fitness up. This feels great, although, the pain in the bottom of my calf is still there.

This week has, also, been a busy week for my running community, Hybrid Running, which you can join no matter your ability. We are in talks with potential partners to offer you the best prices within the running world. Also, we are growing and our aim is simple: encourage and motivate many to run.

Finally, I have read my first ever running book: Triathlon Running Foundations which has wet my appetite to try triathlon and has given me many tips to improve my overall running. This book has taken me less than a week to read, showing me it is a great book, I highly recommend you take a look.

Overall, on the outside this week looks weak but on the inside, I feel I have achieved many things this week. However, I definitely can’t wait to get running again.

Thank you for reading, if you liked this blog feel free to subscribe and share the journey with me.

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