Getting back on the legs…

Two runs this week, I’m proud of myself. A rest day on Sunday and now I should be good to go on Monday. So what have I done this week?

Stretches every day except Sunday, wanted a proper rest on Sunday and two runs. The run on Wednesday was rough, my legs felt heavy but I kept going, my heart rate was sky-high. I am thinking it will be hard to get back to where I was. Saturday’s run I decided to start HR/ Maffetone (MAF) training. Using the formula I need to run under 146 beats per minute. So, as imagined, I had to walk most of the 6k. My average pace per mile was very slow – over 14:00 minutes a mile- but I felt great afterwards. I need to drop the ego and focus on improving.

So, overall, this week has been more eventful than the last but still not training as much as I’d like to. This week coming I would like a run every other day but I have still got sons niggles- pulling in my groin and thighs and pain in my right ankle. I am ready to be disciplined and keep things slow.

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