Falling and dusting myself off

Hi again, welcome back to my weekly blog post telling you how I got on this week.

Starting this week I was feeling great, I had started with the ‘Week of Slow’ Level 1 which is outlined in Matt Fitzgerald’s book ’80/20 running’. I actually feel stronger from partaking in this plan. It’s really good to know you are disciplined enough to run slow and the feeling after is amazing: fresh legs and happiness. I loved it. However, on Thursday I took a fall bruising my left knee which put me out of running for a few days. Therefore, I missed a day. I got back out Sunday and continued with the week. I felt massive gains from the previous runs and I’m feeling fitter and stronger already. So, this has left me with one run left. 5 miles. I am planning to finish the week off next week and can’t wait to feel a sense of accomplishment. Another great benefit of this plan is that I can feel my form getting better, I’m moving from a heel strike to a mid-foot strike. I can feel it, however, in my Achilles but I know this is a good pain and I just need to soak it up.

Overall, I am happy with my week despite the fall and having to take 4 days off. My plans for next week is to finish off the week of slow, do a street name challenge (finding and spelling my name from the first letter of street names) and completing the Together As One Virtual Run powered by Hybrid Running. Which is completely free and you can enter here: Tylergerke8821.wixsite.com/runasone

Thank you for reading this blog and feel free to let me know what you’ve been doing this week. If you’re enjoying my blog posts please subscribe and tell your friends. Thank you so much.

One thought on “Falling and dusting myself off

  1. It’s great to read how you are progressing and how you are sensible with any niggles or injuries and how you take it easy when you need to.

    I never realised running was so technical!!

    Great blog 👍🏻


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