Identifying a problem and fixing it

This week I haven’t really ran much. My first run was on Wednesday and it was a short 2.5 miles on the trails, easy, the legs felt great but I went faster than I would have liked. On Friday I did a very easy 5k and identified the source of my pain… My left glute. And Saturday, I again ran a fast 1 mile and I am feeling the benefits.

You may be wondering what am I doing about my weak left glute?

Well… I’m working on it, using strengthening videos from James Dunne. I won’t just sit about and leave it, I want to become a stronger runner without pain. So for the foreseeable, I will be carrying out these at least twice a week. This is as well as the stretches I do daily.

Talking about progressing I have come up with a training method to suit me, I am not an expert but it’s worth a try. This is based off coaching, and books I have read. The week reads: Monday- Club Tuesday- Rest Wednesday- Club (speed session) Thursday- Strength and conditioning Friday- Strength building on soft ground with hills. Saturday- 1 mile warm-up- 1 mile all out- 1 mile cool down. (After the first block increasing to 2k, 3k, 5k) Sunday- Strength and conditioning and/or long run

This is a brief plan and I aim to take the 4th week easy and then progress the distance gradually. This can be seen by the increase of distance on Saturday after each 4 week training block.

On a side note, I have started a study YouTube channel- Study With Matthew and I would love your support.

I hope you all had a good week and can’t wait to race, socially, again.

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