Completing the week but just missing out

This week I am very happy with my progress. I managed to complete all the runs to the best of my ability and enjoying every minute of it. My week was:

Monday- I did a 5 mile run. It was warm but I completed it. It was slow but I made sure I did it and felt great afterwards. I may have stopped for a rest at the top of the hill but I completed it.

Tuesday- Rest day as usual

Wednesday- I completed an interval session. It was hard and my recoveries were walking but I was proud. I meant to do just over 5k but ended up doing 7 miles. What can I say? I was just enjoying it.

Thursday- I did some glute strengthening exercises, as I said: I’ve identified the problem so I will address it.

Friday- I went for a nice run with my brother after receiving some bad news but it was still enjoyable and we had a good conversation.

Saturday- If you’ve been here a while you know I do a 1 mile timetrial on Saturdays, this week wasn’t any different. I was smashing my PB and then it just slipped away from me at the end but at least I have something to aim for.

Sunday- A nice easy 10k with my brother and I had my first gel. I didn’t really like it but I had a great time and enjoyed running with my brother.

So, this week I have worked hard and due to some bad news I will now be running everyday until I can’t. I may also be slow updating you guys, I’m sorry.

Thank you for reading my blog, feel free to subscribe and enjoy the run!

One thought on “Completing the week but just missing out

  1. I love your dedication to your running, to your studies, and to the people who read your blog and follow your Instagram and channels.

    It really shines through.


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