Positivity before the storm

Welcome back to my blog this week. This week has been a long, tiring week. From corona virus tests to going back to college I have had an adventure.

So my week, as always I will break it down:

Monday- I was shielding from corona virus as advised by the hospital. Tuesday- I had a corona virus swab. This was not fun, my brain felt like it was getting ripped out and my nose still hurts now but it had to be done. Wednesday- I got a phone call off my surgeon just before 9pm, quite late, telling me my surgery was being moved from Thursday to the 15th and they would like scans on my nerves. I wasn’t sure what to think but I’ve accepted it and moved on. I will eventually have surgery so why moan?

Thursday-I actually got to my Business Studies lesson which I’ve missed for the past 2 weeks due to hospital dealings. I enjoyed it as usual and got vital knowledge needed for the exam.

Friday- I has history in the morning. We started our coursework, I’m doing about drug use in World War 2. We have to write 4,000 words on a question we have made up and use sources/interpretations to back up our argument. It’s a lot of effort but very interesting. This lesson was about collecting sources and this was hard, especially finding sources from world war 2 based on drug usage, but I managed. And on Friday we finished college. I hope I’ll be back in September as my treatment may hinder this and I may be moved back a year.

Saturday- My uncle, auntie and cousin came to our house and we went out for a lovely meal. It’s so good to see them again.

And today, I am doing some more coursework and trying to stay positive. It’s hard but it’s worth it. I am chilling and preparing for next week. Let’s see what that throws at me. Looking forward to meeting up with more friends, obviously socially distanced, before surgery and I’m prepared for surgery.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post. Feel free to subscribe to the blog and share this with your friends to show positivity in a time of heartache is possible.

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