Well my week has been busy, I may have just had a little surgery to get rid of a brain tumour from my nerves. They’ve pretty much got it all out but my neck has been drilled and is sore. I am trying to stay positive but it can be hard at the moment. So where am I with running?

Short answer… I’m not… But due to overcompensating on my right so much in the past they will need to retrain my left hand side and build my core back up. I am optimistic looking forward and ready to take more treatment for this inner demon. I just want to get home out of hospital, which I’ve been in since Tuesday evening, and get walking. I will be able to run again but slowly so I’m building myself a plan, which I’ll keep you updated about.

So what now? Good question. Not even I know this answer… I imagine treatment of some sort, probably radiotherapy, and a lot of physio but I will get back up and running.

Thank you all so much for the support and I’m sure I’ll be out running again soon (I’ll see if I can qualify for the paralympics)

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