Realisation and preparing for the worst

Welcome back to my blog, apologies for not updating you all last week, I just wanted a bit of a break and time to think about my future. So, what have I been told and been up to?

Big question… A lot. Let’s start off with me needing to see Occupational and physical therapists to try and strengthen me mentally and physically. I’ve found out that my left side has not been used properly in a while and now I’m changing the way I walk because of it. This has led to a swollen top of the left foot but I can’t complain.

Second. The serious stuff, my tumour is a very rare tumour and I have now found out it is high grade cancer. Although the surgery was successful I now need another scan to look at the cells and start planning for the radiotherapy and chemotherapy I need to stop the spread of the cancer. The same day I had my stitches out and my neck is now moving better but I am still suffering from deafness and tinnitus in my left ear.

I’ve been going out within the 2 weeks from the appointment and just enjoying my time but there’s always a thought and reminder looming about what’s yet to come and how unwell I may be inside. I may be scared but I’m positive and my twin has decided to run 5k everyday during my radiotherapy for Brain Tumour research. It would really mean a lot to me if you could donate and share this please:

You can also find him on Instagram and support him @alex.isrunning

Also, a big mention to Running Bear who supplied him with trainers for his challenge and gave me a jumper from their collection, we’re very grateful and had a great day.

So, that is my past two weeks, I am starting to experience low moods but I’m positive and know I’m in the hands of professionals.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you have had a good 2 weeks. Please feel free to subscribe.

One thought on “Realisation and preparing for the worst

  1. So proud of you and how you are facing this new challenge. Writing a blog to help others and the fundraising for Brain Tumour Research you and Alex are doing is fantastic.


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