Starting back up again

Hello, welcome back to my blog this week and I hope you have had a good week. So let’s get into my week…

So Monday and Tuesday was nice, I didn’t have to go to the hospital because I didn’t have radiotherapy due to more radiotherapy planning. So what did I do? Well on Monday I went out with my friend. We can talk for hours on end and I just love their company. They can just make me forget about the harsh realities of life and the condition, although we do need to discuss it. It’s always a great day out though. And Tuesday, I attended all my online college lessons. Goodness it’s tiring sitting in front of the computer all day. But at least I got a lot of work done.

So Wednesday was the start of Radiotherapy this week. They have been long sessions every week due to scans needing to be taken before the radiation is administered to make sure I’m in the correct place. It can seem quite intimidating at first but I find it quite reassuring, they are planning accurately where to get the optimum effect. And the actual therapy feels shorter because you’re lying down getting a scan which takes longer than the 90 second blast. Also on Wednesday I had my bloods done, they must be good because I’ve heard nothing about them and also the clinical review. Not much was said except a question cropped up about where the radiation is now getting administered. I checked with the radiographers the next day and saw the plan, these 2 weeks are focusing on where the tumour was removed and cancer can be got rid of and the first 4 were on a general area to stop growth of the cancer on my brainstem. Do that was this week’s treatment, and I also got in early on Friday, that’s a very rare situation in radiotherapy.

So last week I said I was in college Thursday and Friday, well I did the same this week. I love seeing friends and getting work done. I just guess tutorial is the hardest now because we’re planning for the future and filling out UCAS for universities. I do struggle as I think I will probably never finish a degree looking at how long they take. What a short amount of time used to look like, looks like a long amount of time and it’s togb. But I’ll leave you on this, just because I may have lost hair or energy doesn’t mean I’ve lost strength or hope., I may cry and be mentally broken more than I’m not but I’m still strong and have my own mind. These are just side effects of strength, pushing through treatment, and although the future may not arrive I will plan and arrive at the future.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s blog post. I would like to say thank you for your support with the #milesformatthew campaign, which I have participated in, and thank you for everyone’s support. If you aren’t subscribed please feel free to subscribe and share this post. Thank you.

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