Treatment catches up

5 months ago today I went through brain surgery for the second time, surgery was successful and 99% of it was removed. Since then, I have been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on my brainstem. This isn’t something I have accepted and I don’t think I ever will but I have got used to the fact that my life is shorter than an average humans. I should’ve died 3 months ago, if I hadn’t had surgery, so I kind of already feel like I’m on borrowed time but I’m still living.

Living this week was hard but I got through it. I wasn’t very well; chemotherapy and radiotherapy have caught up with me. From someone who could run half marathons and work hard throughout the day, I have become a tired slump that can’t get out of bed earlier than 10 o’clock and someone who is now struggling to stay awake in class. But I turn up because I want to do the best I can with the time I’ve got left.

That reminds me, I’ve still completed a mile a day for my Brainstrust challenge, which you can donate to here. I keep myself moving because if I stop, I think I will end up slowing down swiftly. And as an 18 year old, who’s 18th birthday was on the 5th, I don’t want that. So I’ll finish this short post: remember that you don’t live forever and it’s your choice to do your best and be proud or just sit and think of what could have been.

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