Reflecting on Cancer

Cancer. You can’t live or cope with it, you’ve just got to get on with it. Every morning when you wake up, you think about it- grateful its not killed you yet but still mentally drained. What’s a good sleep when having cancer? There isn’t one. Feeling mentally exhausted everyday because you can’t stop thinking when your last breathe will be or that something is killing you and you have no control. It’s hard to concentrate on normal things, especially reading but we get on with it. What’s the point in completing? We’re all going to the same destination right?

So, how do we enjoy Christmas when it could be our last? Don’t write it off. Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean we should write it off, some people had written 2020 off but no one should have. We humans were made to achieve. Complaints about 2020 being an awful year. No its not been, its been as good as you’ve made it. I’ve been told I’m going to die yet I’ve achieved so much and made new friends whilst bringing mine closer. I mean 2020 hasn’t been a good year but its not been awful. If we’re grateful for what we’ve got- life- no year would be awful.

Finally, I just want to say to everyone have a good Christmas. Its been a tough year and we deserve a good Christmas. If you’ve got barriers in the way of seeing your family, find another way. A call will make their day. We must remember what Christmas is about: forgiveness and love. What’s stopping you from sorting out something you’ve done to someone you love? Or bringing old friends closer?

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and remember to love everyone because you don’t know what that person is going through. I hope this isn’t my last Christmas but I will celebrate it like it is. You should too because you need to remember it. Love will make Christmas and will let you live.

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