Christmas, cancer and wrapping up 2020

I’ve really struggled. Enjoying Christmas with my family and being happy throughout a day takes its toll for people living with cancer. You see, people living with cancer wake up thinking about their condition and that thought always stays there. We go to bed thinking we might never wake up but that’s the fun of living with cancer. So add a fun, loving holiday and festivities into the mix it is really hard. On a few occasions over Christmas and boxing day I just broke down. Broke down in tears because I’m grateful that I’m here and really want this Christmas not to be my last. But if it is, I have had a great Christmas.

Enough talking like that, I am aware that this post is the last one of 2020. So, what have I achieved? I know that’s a hard question considering what a year we’ve all had but it’s a question that must be asked. Although, I’ve been diagnosed with an unknown cancerous tumour, I think I should look at the good this year, like we all should. Reflect on the achievements and revelations this year. Back to the question, what have I achieved? Well, I raced competitively running this year, I learned how to balance and walk again, I’ve learned that I am very determined and can help others, I’ve published a book – one of my life goals – and I’ve completed charity events and raised awareness for others.

So, on the face of it 2020 may not have been a good year, but look at all the achievements I have made. As said last week, 2020 is what you made of it. I might be terminal but I don’t let that become an excuse, so why should a virus? I am proud of what I have achieved and now it’s time for you to reflect. You will have many achievements if you’ve lived life and made anything possible.

Finally, thank you so much for all the support this year. Its really meant a lot to me and made my life easier to live. If you’ve not subscribed please subscribe to my blog. And thank you all so much for your support and long may I put blog posts out for you all.

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