New year. New cycle.

‘2020 was a rubbish year’, all the expletives over 2020 is pathetic. 1 year that’s been lockdown isn’t the end of the world. It’s an experience to look back on. Think about the good times in that year and tell your story of how you fought for toilet roll. What gets me the most is most of them complaining break the covid restrictions. They see people outside of their household almost daily and then complain it’s not fair. I was happy in 2020, a lot of good happened and I’ll remember it for that. Not lockdown or being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. I’ll remember it for all the good people I’ve met and the things I’ve achieved, because we shouldn’t let mutations take over.

Moving on, I’ve finished my third cycle of chemotherapy. It is tablet form but they are strong. I think I’ve managed the fatigue better than I did last time and I’ve kept myself moving. I’m not stopping, although it is hard and ‘I don’t feel too good’, which now means I feel awful but what’s the point in moping and letting it get in the way.

Lets set out what I want to do in 2021: First I want to achieve good sales on my book, A Trip To The Beach, available on Amazon. Secondly, I hope to do well in my A levels, which I’ve had less than 7 months of teaching for. Finally, I want to get my fitness up again. I’m doing this by starting a training plan and blogging it for you guys.

This week has been tough on chemotherapy bit as long as we live the moment and love ourselves and people around us we will be happy. Even if things don’t go our way, if we stay loving we will be a nicer and happier person.

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