New plans

I’m feeling stronger, and I’m hoping it’s for a longer time. I finished chemotherapy round 3 and started a training plan straight after it. A charity called Move have made it for me. I ran 3 times this week, which is the most I have since surgery, and I’m trying to improve my balance. It’s tough. I’ve had surgery on my cerebellum, which is the part of the brain which controls balance, so as you can guess, I am struggling a bit. It’s not an excuse though, it’s a barrier I need to get over. I’ve started speeding up running so now it seems I’m improving, my balance should improve. I do worry that it won’t though, I’ve had surgery on the cerebellum twice and my balance was bad before my second surgery. So I’ll try and try and make it easier for me. At the moment I’m struggling with the basics but I’m sure I can get some balance back.

Also this week, I’ve been told I won’t have to complete A Level exams, my end of year exams, due to the global pandemic. I’m pleased about this, having missed a lot of teaching due to the pandemic and then missing a lot due to medical reasons, it’s the best I could have hoped for. My grades at the moment are just enough to get into university, so if I work I should get into university comfortably. But this doesn’t mean I will slack off. Of course I’ll be trying my best, even though it’s hard to focus with everything going on. I, also, get asked what am I going to do after university. Well that’s a hard question for me. Honestly, I don’t expect to be here then. I try to explain by saying my aim is just to graduate, which is three years – I even think that’s pushing my luck – but sometimes people don’t understand. I don’t want to say the reason, I don’t want to bring down the mood, I just try and be realistic.

Finally, this week I brought out a video explaining my story. This is for all of you to watch, like, share and help to prevent suffering. I believe that I can live but sometimes I think that it is impossible. But the more help we give people, the more belief turns into reality.

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