The Power of Words

The use of words in daily life is the norm. It’s how we communicate with each other, but have you ever thought about the affect the words you use have on yourself and different people?

Words can hurt people’s souls, words can makes someone’s day and words can make people cry. I’ve experienced all three of these and you probably have to, so most of you will probably understand. I write poetry and do interviews and podcasts, but yesterday is the first time I’ve ever cried at a poem in around 4 years. I was also performing at the time (my first ever performance) and I just started getting emotional. The poem in question was about cancer and I’ve never released to anyone until yesterday. It was hard but as I always say, it can help people and I want to do that. I struggle sometimes so I don’t want that happening with anyone else. I slipped and fell for the first time in a long time this week and I cried. Why? You want control of your situation. It was just a slip but you immediately jump to a conclusion.

I have a scan and an appointment next week, am I worried? Of course, everytime I go in a scanner I’m worried, even when I didn’t have cancer, because bad things are revealed in MRI scans. I’m hoping for the best, but what is that now? No growth? That still doesn’t look or sound too good. I just hope everything is stable and I get back on the chemo, which I’m now worried about finishing. What will they do after? Just leave me? I don’t want that. I want something to be done.

Finally, back to the title, remember words can punish people but they can also make people happy. So just be careful with your words, you don’t know someones condition and thoughts. Just construct sentences that wouldn’t hurt you.

One thought on “The Power of Words

  1. I think I can honestly say that I have been careless with words in the past. I did learn to remember that I don’t know what is going on in someone’s life and so I must always choose my words with thought and care. I think that was something I took from losing my Husband Mother and Sister within a few years of each other .
    I’m keeping everything crossed that your scan turns out how you want it: stable.
    Take good care young man.

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