Mother’s Day Special

Writing this blog post is going to be hard. It’s Mother’s Day and I want to wish every mother a happy one, you all do a great job and make sacrifices for the good of your child. Well done, you deserve more than a day. Today I want to tell my story, get the tissues ready because this could be a tough one, but please remember the purpose of this blog post and never forget it.

So we begin. My mother, or mum as I called her, was only present for half of my life. She unfortunately died of cancer when I was 9 years old. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her; I miss her. She was a teacher so dedicated her life to teaching kids, even taking on children with SEN. She always gave 100% and was also a runner. I unfortunately don’t remember much but I know a lot, I know I loved her, she was my mum, Why wouldn’t I?

She also faced camcer. Twice. Quite soon after I had been given the all clear after my first battle with cancer, she was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was in her breast. She had surgery and chemotherapy and the doctors had got rid of it. Unfortunately this is when the tables turned, she had looked after me and my brothers and we lived a pretty normal life until her cancer returned, it was all over her body. They couldn’t do anything except offer a trial. I remember her getting unwell and being rushed to hospital in ambulances. I knew something wasn’t right.

I remember the talk that she was going to die. I’m crying writing this now. It was so hard. She wanted to do great things and was training hard for a new job. Unfortunately on the 7th July 2012 she died in hospital. This was the weekend before the trial she was going to start started.

I remember the talk on the morning of the 8th. It was hard, I cried most of the day. It was so hard. My mum was gone. All I had left was photos, a box of stuff and her funeral to attend. I was 9 years old.

9 years later, I still think about her everyday. After surgery all I wanted to see was my mu. That was hard, I couldn’t. I was lucky I could see my dad though so, and my stepmum, who I love. I just feel bad I’ve taken up so much time. I love them all.

Now all that’s left is my genetics testing. Nothing yet has shown up both in my tumour and my blood but they are convinced. At least its not my brothers and I’m glad it’s no one else.

So qaa this blog post just to make me cry? No. Its to say be grateful and always tell people you love then, especially family.

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