Easter Sunday

I’m on chemotherapy this week, during my holidays, it’s not fun but sometimes I think about the Easter story and what people preach. Jesus Rose again, it was a miracle. In my condition if you can find any miracles that happened you hold onto it and remember it. Why? You’re hoping for a miracle to happen to yourself. That’s why I’m glad I’m on chemotherapy this week, maybe it will produce a miracle. I never used to be the religious type but now it gives me some hope. Hope that something may happen and it’s comforting knowing there’s something after life.

Something after life? What a debate. I believe there is; in history we look at which group of people believe in the afterlife, we’ve got medieval Britain, t+e Egyptian, the Incas, the Aztecs, the population from BC to 2020 AD. So how isn’t there? I understand no one knows but where did this belief come from? And it’s comforting to think when you know you potentially don’t have long left.

Many people give me hope. I hold onto that hope like it’s tangible and try to believe the impossible may be possible. I look at one of our guests on this blog: Owen. He was given days to live and now he’s married and alive a month later. I believe we may leave this Earth but we will never die.

I’ve also started an exercise challenge this week, for the month. I will be representing Team England in the Move Forward competition. I will be exercising each day and trying to keep up my yoga.

`Hope is never lost as long as you are still here. The worst news may knock you but as long as you believe; you will never die.` ¬ Matthew Pullan

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog post, please feel free to share this post to inspire others.

One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. Great thoughts young man. Do not give up on hope, its more powerful than we can imagine. God bless Michael ( OLD Church minister Bury Salvation Army) 🙏

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