Chemotherapy round 6

Finishing chemotherapy this week has felt a bit different to the last cycles because I know I’ve now got to make a decision what to do. Do I carry it on? Look elsewhere? Or just stop? They all have there pros and cons but I am worried i might Puck the wrong option. Talking about chemotherapy, this weeks side effects seemed to have culminated into one right at the end. My mouth has a few ulsers, I’ve been really tired and I’ve also had a cold. This has impacted my exercising, I’ve not done any running or cycling, but I have been enjoying yoga and some longer walks.

This week, we lost role models and people we thought we would never lose. The actor, Paul Ritter died of a brain tumour. What a great actor who inspired many, it’s hard to know that he felt that he couldn’t share the fact he had a brain tumour. We should embrace people who are different and not deface them. Also this week, we lost HRH Prince Philip just as I was starting to believe he was immortal. He worked so hard and hard a purpose of working with and creating charities. He was a role model and took on duties, completing them consistently with excellence.

I’m still on a break from college and I’ve been studying everyday. Many people still are and putting a lot of pressure on themselves because of assessments and grading of our GCSEs and A Levels. It is normal to worry but pressure makes people do weird things; breaks and days off are not a bad thing. Grades are not your purpose in life, they might feel like it now but that mostly changes. Your purpose is something meaningful to you that you can explore without the pressure and worry. Pass the exam, get the grade, but after they’ve been achieved they don’t really matter. My advice would be: keep studying, have breaks, and try and find your purpose away from academia.

So… Next week, I’m going to visit my university of choice and hopefully meeting up with people. I’ll be so happy to see them. I always say tell the people that you love. People are scared but love means different things and is interpreted in different ways. Love is an emotion that is strong and connects you to someone. Love should be shared.

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