Guest Blog Post – Janet Fanaki

Some of you may remember when I shared my story on the Resilient People podcast. Today I have a blog post written by Janet, the creator of Resilient People.


People deal with challenges in different ways. 

Some lean-in while others hope for it to disappear. 

I created the podcast and blog RESILIENT PEOPLE to have conversations with folks from around the world who are admired for their resilience. They have overcome a major challenge and created a purpose from their experience to help others be resilient too. 

Back at the end of August 2016 my husband Adam and I were packed to go watch the US Open in New York City. 

It was going to be a fun weekend away together but he had been experiencing strange symptoms over the summer – a loss in his hearing and extreme exhaustion. 

On September 1, a CT and MRI scan would conclude that he had glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer. Adam was 47 years old and told that he only had 15 months to live.

It was at that moment while we were embracing that I said, “We’re going to pull the best team around us and it’s going to be okay.” With that resolve, we got to work right away and didn’t stop for the three and half years that he stayed alive. 

Eventually Adam was able to return to work, travel and we hosted many parties for family and friends.

In the many hours that were spent in the hospital and cancer centre, I wondered how others dealt with major life challenges? 

I began blogging conversations with people who lived in my city who were admired for their resilience and slowly was introduced to others around the world. 

Some of my guests have included: Terrence Rodriguez, a transgender man from Toronto who created REX Pride to offer the LGBTQ+ community a safe and friendly space after he spent much of his youth in isolation and loneliness. Susan Mintz from Florida who lost her husband to AIDS and became an outspoken advocate and author for safe sex and hospice care. And Matthew Pullan from Bury in the United Kingdom, the creator of Running Through Cancer, who blogs about exercise to inspire others while he battles brain cancer.

RESILIENT PEOPLE began as something very cathartic for me, as a reminder that I am not alone. Now it has become an inspiration for many others. 

To learn more, visit or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. If you or someone you know is resilient please drop me a line at 

Janet Fanaki lives in Toronto with her two children. She is a public speaker as well as the creator and host of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast. Episodes can be found on all platforms including  

Please remember to check her out on all of her social media’s, linked in the blog, and ease share this post so we can help more people.

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