Growing up

Going to look around a university is good but it also feels hard. I’m growing 3and I still feel young, I can’t wait to go because of how beautiful the campus is [at Kele] but I want this year back. I’ve been going out with my friends lately and it reminds me of the joy and love that they bring to my life. I didnt want the past year dominated by cancer but that’s how it fell. I just wish I could have seen more people and shared a smile. It’s been hard but I’ve had to cope. A lot of tears shed in a few outbursts if rememberance. Remembering the disease I have and losing my world. But yet I’m not scared because I know better days will come, wherever that may be.  And I’ve still got university to enjoy and finish. That’s the goal. Graduate from university.

I’ve had a good life. Yes, it’s not been short of trauma and hatrid but I’ve been lucky. Lucky I was handed another chance at the age of 3. I’m living for a while yet. I don’t care if this thing progresses because whatever happens I’m going to be tough and continue what I’m doing. I’m not letting cancer beat me.

I’m keeping fit and healthy, and now I’m trying to do a yoga session everyday for a month. I’m doing it. I just feel so much fitter, healthier, calm and have less aches after doing it. It really is something that is easy on the body but really good for you.

Finally, I’m going to finish off with a thought I had yesterday after a good run. Faster with a good form. People would not have thought I would be back running, so I thought: ‘You need to believe you can do it to be able to do it’

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