Accepting and stepping up

Living with cancer is hard. Well it was never going to be easy I guess. I have had tinnitus for almost a year, since surgery, and it’s mentally draining. You can’t run away from the fact you’re unwell.. I wake up thinking ‘I have cancer’ but it’s not just a thought. It’s a fact. But I accept that. I accept that because I will just be moping about it if I don’t. Yes it’s awful and yes it hurts but I’m not going to let it control my life. I’m going to stand strong, stand up against it and try and pull off the impossible.

I keep active. But what’s the point? The point is you need to keep up with what you enjoy because that will still bring joy to your life. Yes, I may struggle more than others but surely the process will make you a stronger person. I have assessments in the next 3 weeks. I have them this week coming, a week off, and then the week after. On my week off I may be on chemo so my focus won’t be great, it might make the passages, texts, case studies and questions a bit harder to read but I accept that. All I can do is try my best. You’ve passed already if you try your best. Exams aren’t about grades, yes it may seem like it but they are a test of character. Why get so worked up? It’s hard but exams weren’t designed to be easy. You’ve studied and you are an expert on the topic. Go in, feel confident, and smash it.

As one of the biggest influences for Brain tumours I also feel its my right to stand up for what is right. Acceptance is key but we need to look for ways to improve the system and our support for cancer patients as a whole. Last night, I emailed my local MP regarding the lack of support for people with malignant brain tumours and the struggles out health are system has with the 16-19 year old. I also emailed a charity who offer support for people with brain tumours about the issue of support for malignant and unknown brain tumours.

Why have I done this? People suffering deserve more, this isn’t for me, I’m speaking on behalf of the community. I’m not scared because a charity tried to shut me up about it, I just want it to be in place for other people during hard times. It’s the only way we can improve the system.

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