Exams and chemotherapy

Honestly, what is a break? I just seem to keep going somehow. I hope these assessments I did were good enough; in a way I’m going to be sad that I’m not studying the topics again, I feel like an expert in one of the Tudor Rebellions (Tyrone’s Rebellion) and all the business studies I have studied for 5 years, assessed. Lucky I need it again at my university, where I hope to be studying Marketing and Business management. But it’s weird not having to study a lot of theories again.

I have decided to go back on chemotherapy again for another 6 months. I feel like it’s the sensible option. I need to keep my tumour from growing and at the moment the chemotherapy is doing a good job.

I can’t believe that I talk about chemotherapy and Cancer like its normal to have now. I wish I didn’t have any of this; and I do get emotional about it. Its hard but I try and normalise it because life goes on anyway. I don’t want life to go on without me.

There was a man at the hospital on Friday who shouted at my Dad. Its really annoyed me and him. My dad was drinking without his mask on and he got swore at for not wearing a mask. Well, it’s a bit hard to wear a mask while drinking a cup of coffee. It was quite upsetting because he obviously had cancer, otherwise he wouldn’t be at a Cancer hospital, and he didn’t know why or what were there for. I understand people deal with things in different way but there’s a better way than shouting at and insulting others.

Finally, I want to end on a nice topic-let’s go for love. People love in different ways: they may show it or may not but rest assured you are loved. Being diagnose with cancer it’s very hard to love-you don’t want to get too close because of the eventuality. But always remember people accept you for who you are, I know I’ve struggled with that, and you are always yourself no matter what, you’re beautiful.

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