Chemotherapy Round 7

What makes you happy? I’m happy surrounded by my family and friends; but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find it hard. I know that my life is limited and that means when I see people I do think it may be my last. Although I love them, I do try and distance myself. Why? I don’t want it to be as hard when the eventuality happens.

I’m leaving college in a few weeks and most of the time I’m so disappointed I’m not going to see the friends, that I love again, but sometimes I think it’s great, it’s less people I can hurt if I cut contact. I’m not going to cut contact because, as I said, I love them but the thought of it does flash across my mind.

As I mentioned, I finish college in a few weeks and that means some awards are being given out. I’ve been nominated for one called ‘overcoming any diversity’. I’m proud, I’m very proud I’ve been nominated but sometimes I wish I was nominated for an award, like ‘exceptional grades’ because that’s more person focused rather than on my condition. But I am proud, very proud I’ve actually been nominated for something.

This week, I’ve been on chemotherapy round 7, I completed it but this time I was unwell during it. 2:30am one morning I threw up. I did get emotional but I’m glad it’s over. This week was also the start of my plank challenge. I’m already at the 2 minute mark, I’m so proud of myself. And finally, I’ve finally completed a year of Chinese (on duolingo), I even kept it up after surgery and in hospital so this is a feet. I still wouldn’t say I’m perfect or any good at it though.

This is what I say to people, like when I was nominated for an award or if I’m asked my take on life. You’ve got to keep moving forward, keep pushing yourself and look after yourself, otherwise what’s the point in life. Give until you can give any longer and, mostly, make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.

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