I’ve been busy, exams are over and now I can relax a bit yet I still need to go to college every Friday, I don’t see the point but if I have to be there, I will be. I am proud of myself, but still wish I could’ve done better, because I’ve shown you can keep going through most things in life. I made a decision and that was to carry on with my studies and carry on with life. I don’t want to lose out on life; I mean Covid didn’t give me a normal college experience but I kept going. I could’ve given in at any stage due to my condition but I didn’t. At first I found it difficult that life carries on after being told the worst. But you’ve got to carry on, otherwise, honestly, I don’t think I’d still be here.

So, what else have I done this week? I’ve applied to volunteer at Cancer Research UK. Why? I’m on a wage already, my Personal Independence Payment (PIP), so I don’t need a wage. Yet I need work experience, so instead of working I am volunteering at a Cancer Research UK shop. I want to give back my time and putting my time into trying to find new treatments which will save many. Selfless? I wouldn’t say so I get a wage already so it’ll be nice to help elsewhere in society. Also, I’m still talking to Brainstrust about improving support for 16-22 year olds who face cancer. They should not be forgotten.

In addition, I have set up an event for the week starting the 18th August to raise money for 3 charities: Brain Tumour Research, Epilepsy Research UK and Brain Research UK. This is called 33 for the 33, why? 32.2 people die from a brain tumour every day so I’ve rounded it up. The event will be your choice. Create a challenge surrounding the number 33 and use my fundraising link, which I will attach to the details.

Event Details: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=205293088102949&id=100792218553037

Exams are tough. Honestly. You don’t know how you’ve done sometimes but you must try and relax and be confident. You must keep going because your best is always good enough.

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