“The NHS doesn’t work and they aren’t good enough. I wish for a different doctor and I’m willing to pay.”

This is a quote that you’d never hear me say. I’m happy with our NHS. I’ve never had a problem with them, and honestly my family would be in debt millions of pounds if we didn’t have them. I wouldn’t complain about the British health system because they try their best all day, everyday. I would look for improvements, given my campaign for better support and clarity for 16-22 year old, but never complain.

Why is this the case? Because I understand that none of this is the NHS’s fault, I realise despite a doctor saying “it will never come back.”, that it wasn’t his fault, as annoyed and angry I am at him, it’s not his fault. So when people complain about them over and over again for a condition no one can control, if really gets to me. The staff are trying their very best and have the patients best interests at heart. I always remember I’m not the only one with a bad condition; I don’t make it about myself.

I was 30-40 minutes late yesterday but I’m not complaining. Granted anxiety mounts before MRI scans but who am I to stop them from caring for that person for me? Just don’t complain,  as bad as the situation may be, other people also have problems and need treating.

Yesterday I was asked to describe how I feel about what’s happened to me in one word. I struggled to think about it because I don’t feel ill and I still feel full of life. I finally gave one.  ‘Accepting’. Why accepting? You have to be with cancer. I don’t want to sit around moping all day, life goes on no matter the circumstances.  I found that hard to get to grips to at first but life’s not going to stop; even if you complain about the situation.  It’s not going to get better.

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