Unexpected Shocks

This week has been eventful, to sat the least. I’ve finished college,  got scan results and received my Disability equipment,  e.g. computer,  printer, softwares etc., to help me with university next year. It’s a once that I feel quite prepared,  just need to get everything for when I move out now.

Unexpected shocks, I’m getting a bit off topic , and I’m not talking about the football this week. So, I’ll start with the only College percentages I got: English Language. A month ago, I did my assessments for the end of year, if you read regularly you may already know this. I’ll just say that I wasn’t expecting this high mark in an English paper because high percentages are hard to come by in English Language. The first assessment I got 66%, best I’ve performed apparently, and the second I got 75% somehow. I’m so happy but don’t know my grades yet and I won’t until results in August, which is slightly annoying but I think they’re both A/B level.

My second piece of news, it’s a weird concept to get your head around for me and professionals. My scan showed ‘less white stuff’ which is either blood, tumour and/or swelling. The doctor and nurse were shocked because it shouldn’t be like this after 6 months on chemotherapy but I’m not complaining.  It’s just a shock that it looks a bit better than the scan before. I was convinced it had grown but it’s got ‘slightly better’ miraculously. I’m happy yet 5hinking forward, if it’s like this now how bad might it be next scan, in 3 months time.

I’m completely shocked so I’ll finish it here. I don’t know what has done this, as said before I keep active, I’ve turned vegetarian and I pray. I’m so grateful for life because it’s so hard when it’s slipping away. Just keep moving and believing.

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