Chemotherapy Round 8

I’ve been feeling good this week, strong and fit. I’ve managed a lot and I’ve started a new challenge,  30 squats a day in June. I am happy and enjoying life at the moment; I think a bit of good news really helped last time. I’m doing more and taking new experiences,  chemotherapy now feels like a phase that I can get through rather than a monster that can takeover my life. So I’m feeling really good and due to finishing college I can see more people and not worry about things.

This week, fitness wise, I have manage a lot, like I said squats most mornings, runs, walks and yoga in addition to this. The strongest I’ve felt in a long time, maybe since surgery, is yesterday, Saturday,  I did my squats, managed a 2.2 mile run and also walked around 5 miles up hills and trails. The heat is an issue but you’ve just got to move through it. In addition to this, on Friday,  I managed to go flying in a small plane,  that is a huge step up. My brother was learning how to fly and I was allowed to go with him. It was so good, I’m so happy the doctor gave me the the all clear to do it and I’m proud of myself. I didn’t even throw up, which I’ve heard many people do in an aircraft like that, I must just be made different. 

I’ve also started applying for job, it’s hard enough with no experience and then add the fact I can’t carry more than 1 drink and beverages, mean I can’t really apply for many jobs because waiters and bartenders are how people get experience,  so that makes it hard. I would love a job in retail or social media because I can do that and I know a lot about those industries. It would look terrible if I go to apply to be an ambassador at Kele and haven’t had a job and that’s the aim.

On Tuesday,  I’m doing an Instagram takeover on Young lives vs Cancer (Clic Sargent) so please go over and support me or ask any questions.  Also, I am currently in the process of making a video on YouTube for you guys, just need the clips, I know that sounds strange but the sound is done and edited. So please stay tuned, I am working on things.

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to like and subscribe and please join in my fundraiser for Brain Tumour Research,  Epilepsy Research UK and Brain Research UK in the #33forthe33 challenge. More information at

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