A meeting closer to change

This week I’ve been feeling good and I’ve had the chance to ‘meet’ many of my friends in the cancer community. ‘Meet’ is in quotation marks because it was only on zoom. So why was I meeting everyone? To keep it simple I was collecting evidence for a meeting I had with my MP. He has now referred me up to the Head of the care group in my local area, the head of the NHS, and the Health Secretary.  To watch the meeting and understand what I’m campaigning about here’s a short video.

I feel so motivated for change. I am taking information on board and sculpting my arguments, something needs to change and if I can carry that out, I’m more than happy to. I was a bit taken aback by some of my findings and a bit sad about what my MP said, it wasn’t his fault at all, it was actually a really nice comment: “Matthew will not be forgotten.” I know why I’m doing this but that comment really reminded me that we don’t have long in life. So I say we should all work for what we want and change that is needed.

Today, when I’m writing, is Fathers day; so I’m not going to miss the chance to say thank you to my Dad because medically I’ve been a right handful. He has taken me to appointments for over 15 years and been there when things have been tough. I don’t know how he feels but his first wife had cancer twice, my mum who sadly died, and he did A great job of looking after ‘his boys’, and now his eldest has had cancer twice and is more than likely going to die in a few years. So I do love my Dad, he looks after me through the worst times.

You’re not going to be here forever, so you should love everyone, especially your family, and do what you want to create a good life for yourself and a better life for the future.

2 thoughts on “A meeting closer to change

  1. Matthew you never fail to amaze me.
    Not only raising these issues on a local level, you are now going national. Talking to the big guns and with your determination to get things done I can see this going far.
    Just wait until it goes global and you are speaking to the world xxxxx


  2. Feelings of great happiness for you Matthew. This must motivate you to keep on with this battle even more now. 🙏🏻👏🏻🌟

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