Meetings and campaigning

This week is the first week I nearly forgot about writing a blog post. I’ve been so busy campaigning for a change and preparing for meetings that I forgot until mid morning. Also this week I’ve upgraded the website. Woooooooo! My website is now officially

So this week? I finished chemotherapy round 9, it knocked it out of me a bit this round but I’ve just tried to keep going. Many of you observant people may have realised I’ve not been running this week,minus the cheeky speed session. I’ve not. I’ve got a sore upper back probably from these silly challenges I’ve been setting myself, I did finish my squats challenge this week. I am worried, why? I have cancer and the first thing you think about when you have pain is: has the cancer spread? I am worried, yes but painkillers remove the pain. Cancer controls your thoughts in life, if you have a problem, you immediately think cancer or something has spread. It’s the worst feeling.

This links to my main event this week. No, it wasn’t a meeting with Matt Hancock unfortunately, he resigned before the meeting, now I’m waiting for my MP to find out Sajid Javid’s assistant. It was in fact a conference I held online about support for people with cancer. A lot came up and was really interesting to find out other people’s views on what I’m campaigning for. You can watch the conference here

Finally to end this blog post, I would love to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to my research and who have spared time for me. I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many different people. Everyone was so nice and I do wish to stay in contact with them. It was lovely meeting people around my age range who have similar experiences to me. I loves it so much and hopefully I’ve gained a few friendships. One thing about cancer is that it doesn’t discriminate and everyone I’ve met just accepts it, obviously with fight of course, and everyone is willing to bond and form friendships.

Cancer doesn’t destroy, it brings everyone closer.

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