This week has been tough. I’ve cried and laughed at situations but I have struggled. Things are changing and I’m not happy with that… it feels like things are getting worse and there’s not long left but I still want to defy the odds. From last week: I’ve ended up in a room downstairs because I’m struggling to walk, I’ve been in a wheelchair and I’m just so tired. I’ve been reviewed three times this week and they reckon it’s swelling from radiotherapy,  which is temporary so I’m hoping to get over the fact I can hardly feel my feet. I’ve been put on an increased dose of steroids to try and reduce the swelling. 

Also this week, I’m still collecting football shirts to wear for radiotherapy.  I want to say thank you all so much for sending the shirts… I’ll try and wear every one. I am really enjoying this challenge and love every shirt I’m lucky enough to be sent. I’m really grateful,  thank you so much! If you want to send one, please contact me.

Radiotherapy is tiring but going late on in the day or early morning really knocks it out of you. I’m not complaining because I get top standard care and I’m so lucky… I’ve had 66 sessions overall in my lifetime and the time given and the care is brilliant.  Just work on timing 🤣.

To finish the blog… living is hard but we need to get through our own obstacles. This is mine and I’m not going to take this. I’m ‘fit and strong’ so I’m not giving up. Press on and live life.

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