Nearly There

I an struggling a little, everything seems to take so much longer but you’ve just got to keep pushing forward. Radiotherapy is swiping me out a little but I guess that’s just radiation poisoning for you. I hope been finding it harder to walk the steps for my challenge because I’m simply just too tired. Thank you so much to everyone who keeps doing them for me. It means a lot I can not only raise money for a great charity, MOVE, but people are active and exercising , that to me is very important. You can donate to the fundraiser here.

This week I got my A level results. 3 Bs . I studied A level English language, history and Business studies. I am proud, a little annoyed I didn’t reach an A but why be annoyed? I got into university and I passed, quite well, while going through Cancer Treatment. I am proud.

So, university? I’ve had to xhange where I’m studying . It was hard as I’d been studying for Kele University and I did get in. I’ve had to make the decision to do the Open university from home instead of go to Kele for safety reasons . It was difficult but I simply, at the moment, would not be able to cope by myself. My feet don’t really work so how would I get about?

It’s been hard this week, I think radiotherapy has caught up with me able but I’ve got 4 sessions left and we we’re going to finish it. Finally, thank you everyone for the football shirts, they make my day everyday.. They pick me up when it gets tough and yesterday, gosh, that was tough. I was tired, emotional and I took that out on other people because the steroids don’t allow me to have a filter. So, just remember we don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life So be nice 🙂

6 thoughts on “Nearly There

  1. Congratulations Matthew on your A – level results 👏🏼 Amazing results whilst going through cancer treatments. Only 4 radiotherapy sessions left, this is within your grasp. Nearly there!

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  2. I love reading your blog. I watched your video with John Rochford. He’s such a good sport. Love the top he brought you. I’ll try to do some more steps for you, weather permitting!! K❤

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  3. Keep strong Matthew. Your doing amazing against the odds and achieving more than people who are not going through cancer treatment.
    Me and the kids will do some steps for you 👍👍 x

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