Cricket day

I feel so tired today, yet I’m still moving. Fell on the stairs today but still going. Just feel stuck like this: not moving, stuck, mentally destroyed but I’m sure it’ll clear up eventually. I’m just really tired in all honesty, I’m really for cricket, and ready for a good day. Minus the fall on the steps this morning but I needed to get up. Need to get to the cricket day today. Yes, I’m tired but I suppose friends, especially those still fighting.

I think this is 2-3 weeks after radiotherapy and I am tired but I am trying my best. I can barely walk but it’s all fun. I’m going to a cricket day today, may not play but I’ll try my best. Why give up? I’m hard haha.

I am really tired and can’t really walk but I’m going to a cricket day. I know, sounds stupid but I’m happy but I’m so tired, like really tired. But anything for friends and for fun. I love cricket, I may not be able to walk but I can watch.

Just can’t wait to see some friends today.

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