Cricket day

I feel so tired today, yet I'm still moving. Fell on the stairs today but still going. Just feel stuck like this: not moving, stuck, mentally destroyed but I'm sure it'll clear up eventually. I'm just really tired in all honesty, I'm really for cricket, and ready for a good day. Minus the fall on … Continue reading Cricket day

Nearly There

I an struggling a little, everything seems to take so much longer but you've just got to keep pushing forward. Radiotherapy is swiping me out a little but I guess that's just radiation poisoning for you. I hope been finding it harder to walk the steps for my challenge because I'm simply just too tired. … Continue reading Nearly There


This week has been tough. I've cried and laughed at situations but I have struggled. Things are changing and I'm not happy with that... it feels like things are getting worse and there's not long left but I still want to defy the odds. From last week: I've ended up in a room downstairs because … Continue reading Changes


I have struggled a bit this week, it's one of the few times I've had time to think. Like really think about what's going on. I have found myself feeling a bit down because I realise what I have is hard and 'not normal'. Walking with pins and needles really does get me down because … Continue reading Adaption