Guest blog post- Running Into Cancer by Tony Collier

I was a latecomer to running at the age of 45 and I only started because the Company I worked for sent me for a medical the outcome of which was that I was borderline clinically obese and my blood pressure was so high that I’d be on drugs for the rest of my life … Continue reading Guest blog post- Running Into Cancer by Tony Collier

Unexpected Shocks

This week has been eventful, to sat the least. I've finished college,  got scan results and received my Disability equipment,  e.g. computer,  printer, softwares etc., to help me with university next year. It's a once that I feel quite prepared,  just need to get everything for when I move out now. Unexpected shocks, I'm getting … Continue reading Unexpected Shocks


I've been busy, exams are over and now I can relax a bit yet I still need to go to college every Friday, I don't see the point but if I have to be there, I will be. I am proud of myself, but still wish I could've done better, because I've shown you can … Continue reading Exams